TX Catholic Conference & Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

The Catholics and Baptists were trying to end predatory lending.

Our film resulted in 500 event screenings across the country.

How do you educate audiences on a complex issue that at its core is devastating to the poor in our communities? Texas Catholic Conference and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship were for the first time ever working together on a national issue – protecting the poor from payday loans. It was a historic partnership and they needed a big way to educate their networks while inspiring them to get involved.

We created the 30-minute documentary to raise awareness, educate, and unite groups across the country. It served as a great catalyst for events to build momentum. There were over 500 screenings and several cities across the country used the film as a launching point to protect their own citizens from predatory loans – they passed ordinances in their own towns too. What a great success. 

The full film is available to view on Amazon Prime.

500 screenings.