How many potential donors and supports are out there waiting to get involved? A lack of visibility could mean they never find out about your need. A lack of emotional engagement could mean they never truly care. Videos are fuel for the support you need.

For breakdowns of the types of videos we do, visit our services page here. Or, contact us and one of our nonprofit story producers would be happy to help.


$ 5,750 Starting At
  • 3 Social Media Videos
  • 1 Campaign Pitch Video
  • Campaign Template
  • 20,000 Views from Ads


$ 9,500 Starting At
  • 2 Vignette Stories
  • 1 Social Media Video
  • 1 Campaign Pitch Video
  • Campaign Template
  • 30,000 Views from Ads


$ 15,000 Starting At
  • 1 Mini-Documentary
  • 2 Social Media Videos
  • 1 Campaign Pitch Video
  • Campaign Template
  • 40,000 Views from Ads



  • Development & strategy meetings
  • Writing of custom scripts for videos
  • Full HD Video Production on location
  • Aerial footage of your city
  • Editing of videos & music licensing
  • 2 Opportunities for changes on each video
  • Finished videos that are web ready
  • Hard drive with footage so you can use it in the future


You really guarantee 20,000 views?

Yep! We aim to help you succeed, not just to make videos. It would be a bummer to do great videos and then have not many people see them. Maybe that’s happened to you in the past. Well, when you get a bundle of 4 videos we are committed to making sure you get 5,000 views on each. We have a few strategies we can implement and also relationships to leverage. Yes, we will help you get over 20,000 views.

How long does it take to create the video campaign?

Typically 2-8 weeks. For larger, more complex “Showcase Campaigns” it can sometimes take 2-5 months. How soon filming can be scheduled is typically the biggest factor in a longer production. Either way we will agree upon a timeline with you up front.

Is Travel Included?

Travel is not included in the above package prices, but the good news, is that we have filmmakers across the globe. Our offices are in Texas and that’s where we run our productions out of. But, if you are in another state or country there is a good chance we have a filmmaker in the region who can film with minimum travel cost.

Will Chronicle run the campaign for me?

We are filmmakers with a mind for campaigns, but we cannot at the end of the day be responsible for your campaign. We do our best to set you up for success by providing templates, strategies, and emails to help make the videos even more effective. Chronicle Project is providing video tools to help you run an effective campaign.

What if you go over budget?

If we begin a project at a certain budget, we stick to it and we will deliver. The only time we go over the original budget is if you have additional requests outside of the original project. Either way, you’re in control and there will be no surprises.

Who owns the footage you film?

You do! We would be hired to do a service, and in the end we deliver all the footage on a hard drive. That means there are no hidden costs or licensing fees in the future.

What are the Payment Terms?

We are flexible on payment terms, and we are able to work out payment options and financing that works best for your organization. However, most projects are invoiced 50% upon start and 50% upon completion.

How fast can you make a campaign?

Maybe 2 weeks. It depends on your urgency, clarity, and level of responsiveness during the project. Ask and we can see what’s possible.

Including video HAS BEEN SHOWN TO increase conversionS by 80%.